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Every day is a great day to take an adventure right outside of your home or in one of the beautiful metro parks! These adventures are designed for children ages 3-7 years old and are perfect for any time of the year for remote learners, homeschoolers, or families looking for activities that can be done at home to complement formal classroom learning.

The Akron Children's Museum designed this Animal Track-themed backpack with your learner in mind! This new Adventure Backpack is full of over a dozen activities with exciting introductory videos, and materials like a super adventurer cape, eye mask, a fun-print ACM face covering, 7 healthy, animal-themed recipes, the beautifully illustrated book, All About Tracks, and more!  

Each backpack comes with lessons aligned with the State of Ohio Early Learning Standards and materials to complete the activity.  

Adventure Backpacks ship anywhere in the contiguous United States, so you can order them for your family, for a friend, or even for out of town relatives as a fun surprise.


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