Welcome to our Virtual Field Trip!

Spend, Save, & Share

Experience a virtual field trip designed just for kids! Our monsters and friends are ready for fun so kids can learn, play, and create in the museum from their home or classroom

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Kids will:

  • Complete challenges, games, and activities as they explore the museum virtually.

  • Meet our monsters and engage with instructors for lessons on cooking, movement, art, and more! 

  • Manage a virtual bank account and learn about spending, saving, and sharing virtual monster money.

  • Set a savings goal and choose one item to purchase with the monster money they saved! 

With programs aligned with Ohio Learning Standards and designed for multiple grade levels, there are challenges for kids kindergarten through 5th grade.

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Choose from 3 levels: 

  • Level 1 (K-1st grade)

  • Level 2 (2nd-3rd grade)

  • Level 3 (4th-5th grade).

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If you would like to donate an Access Pass to a child who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise, please click the purchase link above and select Donate Access Pass. We will notify you when your pass is redeemed. 

Want to see more before purchasing? Simply click below to check out this free sample version of the virtual field trip.


  1. How can I see something in the exhibit that is not on my screen? I have a small screen and sometimes an item is just out of view.

  • To get a wider view, either zoom out or click on the center of your screen and drag in the opposite direction that you would like to see. 
  1. Can I start this and then come back to it later? If so, do I automatically start where I left off? In other words, is there some kind of memory of where I stopped? 

  • Yes, you can return to the game; however it will not automatically return to where you left off. To return to the proper exhibit, simply use the thumbnail slides at the bottom of the screen. If the thumbnails are hidden, use the ^ at the bottom of the page to view. 
  1. If I leave and come back later, are the Monster bucks still "in the bank"? 

  • Yes, the money stays in your PayGrade account even after you leave the game. If the money is transferred to the savings account, it will earn interest over a period of time.
  1. Once we go through the entire trip and I buy an item from the store, am I "frozen out" of doing it again, or can I start a new trip through the museum? 

  • You can start a new trip. However, the purchases in the Marketplace are limited to one item per person at this time. 
  1. How do I use the ledger if I cannot print it? 

  • You can go directly to PayGrade and record your Banking Actions as you complete each activity, or you can record your dollars earned and spent on a blank sheet of paper, using the ledger as a guide.  
  1. I’d like my student to learn more about managing money. Do you have other resources? 

  • Yes. Please check out these resources. (pdf download)
  • Resources provided by PNC Bank Grow Up and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Learning Center & Money Museum

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